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E-bike Conversions

Are you searching for an affordable way to acquire an E-Bike?

EBike Café provides a distinctive service that converts a regular analogue bicycle into a fully functional E-Bike. Their E-Bike conversion systems are customizable, offering a range of options such as motor power level and battery sizes, tailored to your specific riding requirements. The performance of an EBike Cafe converted eBike is exceptional and matches that of any currently available on the market.


Why go E...? E-Bikes reignite a love for riding bikes. It allows the cyclist to ride with their loved ones again, go further and faster, hitting trails you may have never ridden before. E-Bikes enable new riders and riders struggling with fitness to get out on their bikes, build strength and fitness and get confident to tackle any challenge!


OBike has partnered with EBike Café to make eBikes more affordable and more accessible than ever before. Pick your GT Bike, let us know how much power you need and we'll build an eBike exactly suited to your unique riding style, requirements and personality!

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Looking to convert one of our other bikes?

Simply, contact us. 

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