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How it works

What is OBike?

OBike is an online Bicycle Shop devoted to supplying the market with Clearance Bicycles. On the OBike website you will find a range of Bicycles across a range of categories, MTB, Road, BMX, etc that are either old model year bikes or end of range bicycles. Stock and Sizes are very limited and generally the deals sell out quite quickly so don’t wait to buy the bike you want. We add new models to the site quite regularly, so come back often to see what’s hot and new!


How does it work?

We've set up the site so that you can search for the bike you want by: 

  • First - Pick a category: We have divided the models up into their various categories by application: Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, BMX, etc

  • Then - Pick the size you need: all the bikes in that category, in that size will then come up. You can now search through the models by price till you find the right bike for your budget

  • Lastly - Complete the purchase: place the bike in the Basket and follow the checkout process. You can pay using the Yoco pay gate, or simply contact us to arrange a different method.


What happens next?

Next we will contact you to confirm the purchase and find out from you which bike shop you would like to collect your new bike from. We will also send you an email with our Banking details so you can pay via EFT to secure your purchase, you would have spoken to us via email and maybe even on the phone, so you know it’s legit. There are times when it will be okay to pay for the bike at the Bike Shop when you collect, we can discuss those cases on a case-by-case basis. The Bike will then be sent to the shop of your choosing where you collect your new bike.


Why do you need to collect at the Bike Shop?

It is very important that the new bicycle is assembled and checked over by a professional Bicycle Shop before you take delivery of the bike. Also, the Bike Shop will be able to advise you on set-up and supply you with any other spares or accessories that you may need. Lastly In order for the warrantee to be honoured, if ever needed, you will also need the proof of purchase from the Bicycle Shop where the bike was collected.


So, the bike still has a Warrantee?

Yes, absolutely! All bike purchased at your local bike shop through the OBike website will carry the full Warrantee. Please keep your Proof of Purchase as no Warrantee can be actioned without it. Of course the Warrantee has terms and conditions, you can check this out on the various Bicycle websites or simply email us ( ) and we can advise you.

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Feel free to email ( ) us with any comments or queries.


Happy Shopping!

- Team OBike

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