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Cannondale Design your ultimate ride!

Cannondale Design your ultimate ride!

Unleash Your Dream Ride: Craft Your Ultimate Cannondale Bike!

On Black Friday, we unleashed unbeatable prices on Cannondale Bikes, and we’ve kept those mind-blowing deals ever since. But guess what? We’re not stopping there! 

For all you bike enthusiasts who love upgrading specific parts of your ride rather than going all-in on a new one, we’re thrilled to introduce the Cannondale Craft Your Ultimate Ride Program! This is your golden ticket to building the bike of your dreams while sticking to your budget. Get ready to customize your ride with unparalleled confidence, knowing you’re snagging the best deals around.

How it Works:

1.  Choose Your Frame:

Pick the Cannondale Scalpel Frame that makes you want to call in sick and spend the entire day tearing up the trails. Feel that rush of excitement already?

2.  Add Your Components:
Select at least one extra component for your frame - rear shock, fork, and/or wheels. Or go all out and get them all! The choice is yours, and the sky’s the limit.

3.  Place Your Order:
Once we receive your order, we’ll get in touch to finalize the details and send your dream bike speeding your way faster than you can shout “I’m thrilled!”

Ready to Ride?
Explore the program and start building your ultimate Cannondale bike today! Don’t wait—your perfect ride is just a few clicks away.

    Get Started !   

    Please click on the "Get Started" Link below to explore the Design your Ultimate Ride Program
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