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At Fabric we link your riding position to the saddle profile you need. Profile defines the shape of the saddle; Flat, for the most aggressive riding positions through to Radius, for sitting upright.

As a cyclist sits more upright, they require the most padding because the saddle needs to support the majority of their weight, but in an aggressive race position where the cyclist is leaning towards the front of the bike, less weight is focused on the saddle and a flatter more even surface is required to move around on. Our three profiles are: Flat. Shallow. Radius.

Fabric saddles - all 3 profiles
Farbric Flat Banner

FLAT Profile

Our Flat profile has the flattest rear section and the lowest amount of padding. This profile is designed for the most aggressive riding position; the rider in this position will be pushing the hardest through the pedals. The Flat profile also has a thinner nose to allow better leg movement.

Fabric Scoop Pro Flat Saddle BlackRed 142mm
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The Shallow profile has a more rounded rear section and medium padding. This profile is for riders leaning forwards, in a more natural riding position; typically the handlebars will be slightly lower than the saddle with the rider’s weight being split between the saddle and handlebars more evenly, requiring less padding on the saddle.

Fabric Scoop Pro Shallow Saddle BlackRed 142mm
Farbric Radius Banner

RADIUS profile

The Radius profile has the roundest shape through the rear section and maximum padding. The Radius profile is designed for an upright riding position; typically bikes in this category have handlebars slightly higher than the saddle, causing the rider to sit taller and requiring the most padding to support their weight.

Fabric Scoop Pro Radius Saddle BlackRed 142mm
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